Schools and Churches closed for 102 days! We are in God’s hands.

Naomi Corera
August 10, 2021

Until early June, Uganda had been spared the terrible COVID-19 pandemic. However, on June 6th the President of Uganda spoke and CLOSED all schools and churches for 42 days! The Indian variant of the Coronaviris had entered the country! A short while later, he extended the lockdown to another 60 days! What this has meant …continue reading »

Support CWE each time you shop on Amazon

Naomi Corera
July 24, 2020

Do you shop on Amazon? If so, you can give 0.5% of your purchase amounts to Children Waiting Everywhere! Here’s how: Go to Go to “Your Account” at the top of the page, and select “Change your Charity.” Search for “Children Waiting Everywhere Inc” in Petersburg, MI. Select Children Waiting Everywhere to be the …continue reading »

The New Ultra-Sound Machine in Action!

Naomi Corera
October 5, 2022

The new ultra-sound machine has arrived, finally! The Bishop Blessed the brand new lab earlier, and now, as you can see, it is finally in action and being used by the midwife, Bridget, to provide valuable care to expectant mothers! “Thank you” to all the supporters of Children Waiting Everywhere who have made this possible. …continue reading »

Naomi’s Ride!

Naomi Corera
September 2, 2022

While visiting Sri Lanka and the Sisters at the Convent which is over 100 years old and needs renovations including a new roof and who care for the orphans there… had on my TO-DO list — to video me riding an elephant! The elephants in Sri Lanka are not dangerous, and I wanted to show …continue reading »

The Children of Sri Lanka

Naomi Corera
September 1, 2022