Support CWE each time you shop on Amazon

Naomi Corera
July 24, 2020

Do you shop on Amazon? If so, you can give 0.5% of your purchase amounts to Children Waiting Everywhere! Here’s how: Go to Go to “Your Account” at the top of the page, and select “Change your Charity.” Search for “Children Waiting Everywhere Inc” in Petersburg, MI. Select Children Waiting Everywhere to be the …continue reading »

Food Distribution to Needy Children and Mothers

Naomi Corera
July 29, 2020

In early July, 2020 the rains came pouring down upon families within the Diocese. Mudslides displaced the families who lived there and became in desperate need of food. After speaking with the Bishop, we organized a relief effort to bring families food to help with the hunger they were facing. Each food bag included maize …continue reading »

Pit Latrine Update

Naomi Corera
July 17, 2020

The pit latrine has become a reality in early May, 2020 for the Good Shepherd Children’s Center thanks to your generous donations to Children Waiting Everywhere.