2019 Updates & Lenten Suppers (Mar 29 & Apr 5)

By Naomi Corera, February 26, 2019

Greetings to all,

Hope you are warming up after the cold blast of this past month! We are beginning to change and look forward to cooler weather. 2019 has kept me so busy as progress with the many projects for our students and families. Workers are so slow here they have a hard time keeping up with my pace. They run when they see me approach. They are still wondering about my age, as the women here wind down at an early age after the heavy physical work takes a toll on their body.

THANK YOU for all your $ gifts. Every penny is given to the students and the families. Most graduations take place during the month of December so I sadly missed the 4 graduations. Just alone in January and February of 2019:

  • 2 Water Pumps– one for the convent and one for the community around.
  • Bright Solar Lightening for the classroom( students now study till 9 and back at their bench at 6:00AM)
  • Painting of Msgr. Bala School classrooms and Lab
  • Vessels/Vestments for Mass for the new chapel has been purchased.
  • Pews for the chapel.
  • Artist painting of St. Bernadette in the New chapel.
  • Bright Solar lightening for the new chapel.
  • School Fees for the sponsored students in University.
  • 4 Laptops donated by the Shelcusky Family for University students.
  • Increment in salary for Bishop Asili Teachers.
  • Renovation of Maternity Room at MaryLand Health Center.

We are already practicing for our LIVE STATIONS OF THE CROSS AND LAST SUPPER with the students. Yes, Ash Wednesday is next Wednesday! Hope you mark your calendars for the Lenten Suppers at St. Thomas.
March 29th and April 5th followed by Stations of the Cross at 7p.

Once again many THANKS for your continued trust and financial support for Children Waiting Everywhere. Working and Partnering together we are sharing God’s goodness to with others. Thank you!

God Bless you all. I remember you in my prayers each night.

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