A heartfelt “thank you” to those who help me continue God’s work. Children Waiting Everywhere has recently helped two little girls in need.

By Naomi Corera, November 19, 2020

First we have little Praise. A beautiful little 3 year old who underwent a lifesaving surgery and who is now, a very spirited and happy little girl. Praise is expected to fully recover and have a good life because she is so young and able to adapt very well.

Next, we have Elizabeth, who was the youngest child of four. Her mother carried her everywhere because she was unable to walk. After speaking with the mother, I coordinated a trip to the city for doctors to evaluate Elizabeth’s condition. The doctors discovered there was no reason she should not be able to walk with physical therapy. We ordered a custom ‘high chair’ for her to have her stand in. Going forward therapists with the help of her mother and brothers and several times each day – will forcibly stretch her legs and heels down to the ground. As you can imagine, it is very painful – but Elizabeth herself is excited about her future and walking as other children do!

You can hear my voice encouraging the girls to PUSH the Ball!!!! WOWEE!!!

In this video, you can hear me encourage the girls to ‘PUSH THE BALL!’ Wowee!!!!

“Thank you” everyone who helps me to be the boots on the ground for Children Waiting Everywhere and share God’s love and mercy.

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