By Naomi Corera, August 13, 2018

Children and books: you cannot separate the two. A book in a child’s hands not only advances the mind with curiosity, but unleashes a world of treasures to a young child. Being a lover of children’s books and having seen the joy it brings to a child when a story is read to them, I was determined to ship all of my carefully chosen books to Uganda, no matter what the cost. I had no idea that the cost would be so high. But now the sacrifice has paid off. Nothing can take away my exuberant joy to see the children devouring the books. Even though at the present it is just browsing through the pictures, soon with time they will be able to read them, too.

Children are now merrily devouring books at Bishop Asili Primary School! No other school in the district in the area has such an extensive library. The children enjoy spending time in the library that is open throughout the day. I have many show-and-tell articles and animals to go with my story. I have a whole collection of Clifford the Big Red Dog, Franklin, Aesop Fables and lots of animal books. The teachers are amazed at the pin-drop silence as the children eagerly and attentively listen to the story. They really have enjoyed the story of
“The Gingerbread Boy.” Of course, they have no idea about gingerbread, so they call him the ‘Biscuit’ boy! I must remember to bring back a mitten for the story of the Three Kittens that they have enjoyed, too.

God bless all those who helped me with the library, with money, prayers, and the many hours of boxing, taping the boxes and loading. A special thank you to Doug W. who also drove the truck for me.

God bless you all!


Do you know where giraffes live? I do… They live in Uganda!

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