Thank you to supporters for concert for Uganda!

By David Harburg, September 3, 2016

A concert was put on by David Harburg playing his great-grandfather’s music, such as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and others, to raise money to help build a schoolroom in Uganda.  The goal was to raise a thousands dollars and after over 100 people showed up, the concert benefit raised over $2,000 with money still coming in.  A huge success to say the least.  The night of music included piano pieces by Joseph Shelcusky, original songs by Ed Wells, and ended with an hour of music by David Harburg.  A fun and full night of music and giving to those in need.

Thank you to everyone who gave so generously to the effort, we really are helping others! And thank you to everyone who came to make it an incredible night shared around music.

Special thanks to all the musicians and extra help who came generously on their own time to make this night possible.


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