Convent heated water accomplished

By Naomi Corera, January 15, 2015

After years of having to walk down to the stream to “fetch water,” the Sisters are just elated to now only have to flip a switch, not only to get water but to get hot, running water! They are so thankful that they called the donors directly on the telephone and sang and drummed for them. The donors in return told them they were so humbled that their donation had brought so much joy and given life to the Sisters. I wished they could have only been on Skype to have actually seen the dancing, but they were grateful to have heard the joy and dancing through singing and drumming. I can’t wait to go to the convent soon and experience the joy of taking a hot water shower in the bathroom (because I’ve been there many times before and experienced the hardships not only for myself but for the elderly Sisters who had to fetch their own water and heat it on cold rainy days and bring it back to the convent with only a hurricane lamp). Once again it has proven that water is life giving!


The shower head and water heater


The water heater switch


The newly-installed kitchen sink


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