Families empowered in Kenya – more from July 2015 visit

By Naomi Corera, August 18, 2015

Here are a few more updates from my most recent visit to Kenya.

Rachel’s cattle

IMG_5332 IMG_5328
This is Rachel, the cook in the convent. A very hardworking lady. She is all excited to have the two cows from CWE – and both cows were pregnant just like her. She told me, “I hope it is a girl! I will name her Naomi!” But unfortunately and sadly, she called me last week to inform me that they baby was still born.

But she happily and gratefully reported that all expenses for the hospital was paid for by selling the cows’ milk. She was ever so grateful that she did not have to request any funds from CWE. Now she eagerly awaits the birth of the calves, which will help her to bring in more income for her family of three.

Mercy and her piglets

IMG_5355 IMG_5359 IMG_20150424_073537_0 (1)
Oh boy! Does this mama pig need her rest! After continuously feeding ten piglets with voracious appetites! Happy are teacher Mercy, her husband, and their three children. It is a family business. All help to take care of “Naomi’s pig project,” as they call it. It is becoming a big business for them and they hope to add more pigs soon.

“It is hard work to get it going, but after that one can relax a bit and bring in the funds,” says Mercy with a smile.

Lilian and her cattle

IMG_5409 IMG_5405

With a grateful heart they presented me with a bunch of bananas. I received it with all of YOU in my heart! I was so happy to meet Lilian’s family. It was an eight hour journey not only to meet her family but also to see the cows that CWE had purchased for them.

We were so tired and hungry, it was late evening by the time we reached their humble dwelling place. But the joy and welcome we received clearly took away my tiredness and I was delighted to meet them and be treated to a delicious meal of many Kenyan delights. After the meal, we went off to see the cows in the backyard. The cows looked healthy and well cared for. The old couple, Teresa and Charles, happily shared the news that they now supply milk to the local school. This gave them a sense of pride that now they pay their own school fees for their seven children. Of course, we prayed for all our kind donors who made this possible.

Rosaries for the Children

IMG_5424 IMG_5423 IMG_5413

Naomi spreading the message of the Holy Rosary. These Rosaries were made by the friends of the Missionaries of the Holy Family in Lansing, Michigan, to the children in Ruai, Kenya.

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