Food Distribution to Needy Children and Mothers

By Naomi Corera, July 29, 2020

In early July, 2020 the rains came pouring down upon families within the Diocese. Mudslides displaced the families who lived there and became in desperate need of food. After speaking with the Bishop, we organized a relief effort to bring families food to help with the hunger they were facing. Each food bag included maize flour, beans, soap, and a little bit of sugar as a treat and should feed a family for a whole month! Thanks to the generosity of Children Waiting Everywhere donors, the cost of $10 per bag was met.

Much needed food bags filled with life saving staples were packed and readied for the 3 hour journey.
Temporary housing the families now live in.
Flood waters still affecting everyone!
The Bishop crosses the standing water where a road once was.
The Bishop and me handing out the much needed food bags to the children and their mothers. Thank you so much for your generosity to Children Waiting Everywhere!
The children and their mothers wait for their names to be called and receive their food bag. If their name was not called, they did not receive a bag.

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