Fundraising for van for Sisters at Jonathan’s home

By Naomi Corera, October 24, 2015

The Cheshire Home for Children with Disabilities, in Kampala, Uganda, is where I met our friend Jonathan, who is now in Michigan for surgery to remove the tumor on his neck. The Home for Children with Disabilities is run by the Good Samaritan Sisters. Earlier this year, I learned from the Good Samaritan Sisters that one of their many challenges is the lack of a vehicle to transport sick children to the hospital at nighttime. When I asked why they were not able to do that, Stephen (the daytime driver) told me, “I have a wife and children and I, like the other drivers, will not risk my life driving here at night.” You see, nighttime driving in Uganda can be very dangerous, with risks of roadside robbery or worse. When there is an emergency with the children at the home, though, the Sisters (who are very brave women indeed!) cannot wait until the next day. With the Sisters request for their own van, I realized then that if the Sisters had their own vehicle they could drive themselves to the hospital with the sick children, thus making themselves independent of a nighttime driver. I went to the shop and we priced a secondhand Toyota “Noah” van, with room for a child in a wheelchair, for $6,000.

On Tuesday, 13 October 2015, in conjunction with Jonathan’s visit, we had a sale of African crafts at Dominos Lobby. By the grace of God we raised $3,000! Now we are raising the balance of $3,000 for the vehicle. We believe that once again, God will provide this through generous friends.

Please consider this need in helping the sisters to serve the children in their home with disabilities. If you would like to give, please visit You can put in the memo line on the check or the PayPal form “Van for childens’ home”. God Bless you all!


The van picked out by the Sisters for taking the children to the hospital. It has room for a child in a wheelchair.


Children at the home run by the Good Samaritan Sisters. Jonathan is near the middle.


Jonathan with another children at the Home for Children with Disabilities

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