Goals for upcoming Africa visit

By Naomi Corera, February 3, 2015

Next week on the first Saturday of the month, I will be traveling to Kenya and Uganda. I am once again going for accountability for all the generous gifts that I received during the Christmas season.

CWE Africa map Uganda Kenya cities towns

First I will stop in Ruai, Kenya, to see first hand the advancement of Peter’s new house. How exciting it must be for him, his wife and 5 children to see the building of their new home coming up brick by brick. Yes, it would be a very humble, modest house compared to yours and mine – but to this family it will be home – a palace, compared to the shack that the children were born in. It will have three bedrooms, a kitchen, and living room and a small eating area. On the outside it will have the toilets and a small kitchen. We even have been able to provide funds for a table and chairs. Although we had some delay in getting the project started, I have urged the builders to please get it finished as soon as possible for me to see the completed house.



The physician for the upcoming St. Martin’s Health Clinic in Uganda.


Then off to Kampala, Uganda, for the opening of the St. Martin’s Health Clinic on the 11th of February, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. This will be a simple clinic where malaria and the common flu can be treated and also HIV will be tested. The parents of Anthony and Sister Judith will cut the ribbon to open the clinic. I know that will be a heart-warming ceremony to experience. There will lots of singing, drumming, dancing, and gratitude.


The parents of Anthony and Sister Judith, who will cut the ribbon for the new St. Martin Health Clinic in Kampala, Uganda.


Next stop at Kyakatara, Uganda, to visit the indoor water plumbing for the Sisters who work at the Holy Spirit School and Divine Mercy Clinic. Wow! I can hardly wait to take an indoor bath and wash the dishes indoors! What a blessing for them!

Then I will keep moving six hours to the west to Fort Portal, Uganda, to see our new water borehole and computer lab at our John/Patrick Secondary school. Our former student will be surprised when I present to him the surprise of his studying career—a laptop computer! That will be a big boost to him as he gets ready next year to enter Makerere University in Kampala. He is determined to persevere and succeed in becoming a medical doctor!

Yes as I go, – despite my own challenges in taking this trip – I carry each and everyone of you in my heart and present you to the dear people, our brothers and sisters there. They are so grateful to you for being their friend even without having met them. It is as though they know you through me and the kind stories I relate to them about your kindness and generosity towards them. Through you, the Lord has provided for them. Once again, by working together great things are accomplished for God and His people!

On my return I will be very busy getting the video and pictures ready for the Lenten Bread and Soup Suppers. So hope to see you there to hear the rest of the story!

God bless you,



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