God bless America!

By Naomi Corera, June 29, 2017


Dear Friends,

Thinking of you and thanking you for all your help for the children and people of Uganda through CWE. “Proud To Belong to America” is what one can shout when one sees the work done by Americans. I am so happy to experience the HOPE that we are bringing to our brothers and sisters here. Life is hard and tiresome. The people are warm and happy in spite of their struggles–which they have accepted.

The latest news:

Completion of the Girls Dormitory

I will be moving in there shortly. We are in the process of looking for a partner for me to work side by side since I am a foreigner and do not know the local language. English is the National language but the older folks who have not attended school do not speak English.
Starting on the building of a CHAPEL for John/Patrick Secondary School. The students now celebrate mass in the school hall. Now from September mass will be celebrated in the New Chapel funded by a generous parishioner of St. Thomas Parish.

We are employing the local carpenters of St. Joseph The Worker to make the Altar tables, Pews, and Lectionary. We are planning on a very special tabernacle and Monstrance to spread the devotion of Eucharistic Adoration. The local priests are very supportive to our students and help us with the celebration of Mass for our students.
Out first Mass in the New Chapel will be celebrated in a grand way in September when the students return for the third term.
The 135 boxes of books and classroom material has arrived!! We are now in the process of clearing it from Mombasa Kenya. A few mistakes by me with the address has to be corrected before it can be released. The Bishop of Arua is helping me with that.


The school will open with a grand celebration in August. Invitations are now being sent to the ambassador of the US, UNCHR ( office in charge of Refugees) and other dignitaries. The goal being for them to see that this school for the refugee children is just a drop in the bucket and many such schools need to be desperately built and we will need further funding from big agencies. So that is all the update from CWE-Uganda. Striving to get the most out of your gift and trust in us.

God Bless you,


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