Good news from Africa on empowerment projects

By Naomi Corera, May 6, 2015

Dairy cattle farming in Ruai, Kenya


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Lilian writes:

“I wish to thank you for your kind consideration. I am an employee of St. Joseph primary school as a secretary. My parents are peasant farmers who are advancing in age. I am the first born of six sisters and one brother working and earning very little that can’t even sustain me as a single person but by the grace of God and  managing  with your help, I  hope to go an extra mile.”

I first met 25 year old Lilian 6 years ago at our  Little Flower Nursery School where she worked as a volunteer assisting us with the school accounts. I was so touched by her generosity-that I wanted to get to know her better. She told me that she had a sister Magda who even though had been accepted to the university to become a registered nurse had no funds to attend university. Today through generous donors CWE is helping Magda and in December 2016 she will graduate as a Registered Nurse. She hopes to continue her studies to become a cardiologist!

Next when she requested school fees for the other 4   siblings-that is when we both came upon the plan of  a sustainable project to assist them in working and paying their own school fees. Now we are looking into a Bio Gas Program that will assist them with obtaining their own gas through the use of the cow dung. Lilian also has rented the adjoining field to grow the special grass to feed the cows so that in 4 months they will not have to buy feed for the cows.

It is such a wonderful.experience for both CWE and such families who are helped with a bit of capital to know that they too can be a part of the solution to their own self sufficiency.  If you too would like to be part of this life -giving projects please consider sending us a financial gift to empower other waiting families.


Photos of the construction of the cattle shed.




Pigs for Mercy Karis and her family

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Africa-October 201412




Dormitory construction in Kamwenge District, Uganda

With great excitement we have begun the long awaited and needed construction of our girls dormitory at our John/Patrick Secondary School.

Starting the construction now in May–that alone is a miracle. As this time of year is the ” dry period” as I call it. As we receive no funds till November. But by God’s providence we were granted the start- up funds by a generous donor who sent us the funds in the name of his deceased father. Then another very generous friend matched the funds to make the dormitory possible and so the construction has begun! We hope to complete the building by September if all goes well. Praise God!

The following pictures shows the grounds being cleared for the foundation.IMG_0589




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