Joyful and Grateful!

By Naomi Corera, November 12, 2021

JOYFUL and GRATEFUL to God for the 21 years of continuous trust you have had in me to help evangelize and care for God’s children: the elderly, youth, and young children.

Dear Friends,                                                                                November 2021

I give thanks for the many gifts received from you. One hundred percent of your generous contributions are being used to help during the effects of this Coronavirus pandemic. In Uganda, it is the only country in the world where the schools are still on lockdown even though the general 102-day lockdown has been lifted. This has caused much hardship to the daily wage earner and CWE came to the rescue then and remains an ongoing and immense help to the elderly, the youth, and the children.

Here are some of the stories…

  • .  I was able to “homeschool” the children where they learned about the Holy vessels used at Mass.
  • Sister Agnes taught the children how to make Rosaries when they were not working around the compound harvesting our bounty and sharing it with the elderly.
  • Small groups secretly gathered to pray the Rosary.

In addition:
“Water for Life” for the Kichwamba Village of 400 people!

The only life they knew was to walk to and from
the river to get their water.

Now, thanks to generous donations
A new and beautiful cistern, and a new way of life for a grateful village!
Dear little six year-old and orphan, Serafina, who has a cancerous eye tumor. She now has a date with the eye surgeon to remove the tumor. Preliminary examination is very hopeful, as her retina is good and she can see with that eye! Thank you for your donations which paid for her transportation and medical fees for her care! Please keep Serafina in your prayers.
Here I am with ten year-old Natasha-We wait and wait and wait for the doctors to decide on how to manage her cancerous tumors… as they keep appearing so rapidly – her case is very complicated. Thank you for your generous donations which provided transportation and money to pay for her medical care thus far. Please keep Natasha in your prayers.
Little Felix had a skin disease caused by worms [which is common here] and was treated with strong medication; he is now much better and will need to be watched because the worms surrounded his kidneys. Please keep Felix in your prayers.

My most satisfying work has been working with the youth and children teaching them Catechism and evangelizing.

We are already practicing our Christmas carols and Christmas play and preparing to compete with the adult choir. The winning choir will receive a goat promised by the parish Priest. It will be shared and enjoyed by the elderly, the youth, and the children on Christmas Day! My Christmas Day will be at home cooking a big meal with small gifts for the little children and the elderly who will have a completely different Christmas because of you!

An exciting new mission for me is taking the teachings of the Catholic faith and traditions to the schools and the teachers who are in lockdown as they are excited and happy to learn about new ways to instruct the children!

I send my deepest gratitude to each of you who has given Children Waiting Everywhere the support of your prayers and generous donations. Remember, I am the “boots on the ground!”

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