Local student raises awareness and funds

By Naomi Corera, December 10, 2016

Nate Ernst, a middle school student at Emerson, was deeply touched by the pictures and stories he heard after having hosted little Jonathan in his home. He wanted to do more for the children of Uganda. After receiving permission from the school, Nate held a sale of handmade Ugandan crafts to help children like him attend school in Uganda. Nate has already raised $485 and hopes to keep on raising more money for the children. CWE applauds Nate and his parents, Dr. Robert Ernst and Dr. Susan Ernst, for the help and encouragement they have given Nate to follow his passion of helping those who have less. It is never too early to instill in young children the responsibility we have towards others and to raise awareness of how richly blessed we are. Nate, we are so proud of you and we hope one day you will have the chance to visit the children you are helping!




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