Magda receives scholarship for nursing program in Finland

By Naomi Corera, September 29, 2015

Magda was first brought to my attention by her sister Lilian in Ruai, Kenya, who was working for Little Flower School by helping us with our accounting. Lilian told me that Magda, even though had been accepted to university, was just at home hoping and praying that some kind donor would pay her school fees. So I asked to see Magda, who then took the night bus and traveled ten hours overnight to meet me. One could not tell that she had not slept all night and had traveled in the rickety bus on roads filled with pot holes. She was so excited to meet me full of laughter and joy knowing her dream of becoming a  nurse specializing in cardiology and nephrology may just becoming a reality!

We have continued to fund Magda’s school fees and personal expenses like food and shelter as she had to move to the big city and leave her parents and family in the village. Magda just received her grades from her third year at university, and she pass with “flying colours,” as they say in Kenya. As Magda continues to study hard and persevere, she has been blessed with another windfall just this past week. The dean of students informed her that she was chosen for a special scholarship for a three month course in Oulu University in Finland! They advised her to wait until May to begin her course in Finland, to evade the cold winter that would be unseasonal for her. All of Magda’s academic and personal expenses will be paid except for the plane ticket of $1,500.

Of course, I know God will take care of that, too, through some kind and generous donor and friend of CWE. Could this person be you? Magda is looking forward to her three month program in Finland in summer 2016, her graduation in December 2016 from Kenya, and her master’s degree for nursing to follow. We wish her all the best and are so proud of her hard work. Once she is a nurse, Magda is eager to pay it forward to another needy student, in gratitude for what was given to her.

Magda was eager to share her gratitude with me, too:

“Dear beloved mum and all well-wishers, going to Finland would totally be of importance to me because it will enhance my practical skills and knowledge in nursing. The main reason will be to learn more on cardiology and nephrology conditions, their management, and the equipment used in their management. This is the entrance to my future career. This department is not in our school and it’s very rare to get such an opportunity to learn. Learning it through such an opportunity will be my pleasure. I love you and always pray Almighty God to bless you abundantly as well as give your mother strength at her old age. To all the well-wishers and donors, I pray they also be blessed and have God’s favour in their lives. Love you all.”

Magda carrying water-in the village. She had been accepted into the university but had no one to pay her school fees for university.

Magda carrying water-in the village. She had been accepted into the university but had no one to pay her school fees for university.

Magda's humble parents

Magda’s humble parents

Magda at the university in Kenya

Magda at the university in Kenya


Magda at her university in Kenya.

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