Maria Goretti

By Naomi Corera, September 4, 2014


I first met Maria Goretti in 2007, while walking down the village, making friends an chatting with the children. She was picking some corn that she had grown. She invited me into her dark mud hut with some plastic sheets to keep out the rain. She showed me the tree branches on which she had some rags to make it comfy for her bed. Sleeping on the dirt, muddy floor she said was too bumpy and the insects were bothering her. Then she showed me some old, dirty tattered books and told me she so much wanted to go to school.

That night as I slept on my comfy mattress, my thoughts were of Maria. Next morning I went to look for Maria – and had her registered at the Primary school with the Evangelizing Sisters.

Today Maria is in Maria Goretti Secondary School run by the Sisters of St. Therese of The Little Flower. She received the sacrament of Confirmation in May 2014. She is a very happy, responsible student and a leader in the classroom, say her teachers. She reminds me, “Even if just one life breathes easier because of our foundation,we have been successful!”


It is so comforting to know that now many lives are breathing easier today because of the continuing support of our generous donors. We truly believe in God’s providence to help the lives of our children. As one mother wept as she said, “Thank you for your school. I have not eaten for 3 days but my children have eaten at your school, and that is enough for me.”


Maria Goretti being confirmed by Bishop Robert of Fort Portal in May 2014

Maria Goretti from her mud hut to High School. Uganada.


When I visited Maria Goretti this past October, I was so thrilled to see her and  that I had to reflect for a moment  on the long journey she had taken to be here to day at Maria Goretti High School. She is now a young lady, beautiful and full of enthusiasm to continue her studies. I remembered to give thanks in my heart to all my friends who had never met her but yet who had made this possible for her.

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