New Sound System for Sts. Peter and Paul church

By Naomi Corera, August 2, 2018


Here are photos of the sound system, the last installation from the funds used for the church from the gift of St. Thomas. We are ever so grateful to all who supported it! In just 4 months we moved fast to have the Tabernacle installed, the sanctuary paintings completed (Sacred Heart of Mary and St. Joseph), the side doors paintings (Divine Mercy and St. Joseph), the main door painting (Sts. Peter and Paul), Stations of the Cross installed, sacristy paved and completed, outside walls cemented and plastered, Mahogany pews in place…all accomplished in 4 quick months!

I added on to the list a front porch to remove the temporary iron sheets that had been put there to add protection for the main doors. After that is done, with $3,000 for porch, Sts. Peter and Paul church will be totally completed. Hooray! Then it will be ready for re-dedication by Bishop Robert.

God Bless you,


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