Note of Thanks

By Naomi Corera, April 16, 2019

Dear Friends and Partners,

I am back in Adjumani, Uganda, tired after the busy time in Ann Arbor and the long trip back, but your generous gifts and kindness towards the children makes my heart full of joy and energizes me to continue to work and move forward for God’s children and people. THANK YOU!!

The funds raised will be used first to LIGHT UP the school classrooms and the dormitories. This was announced to the students and teachers on Palm Sunday.
Needless to say screams of joy and loud clapping were heard all around. This work will be completed by the end of the month.

Next we will begin work on building a small convent for the Sisters of St. Therese of the Little Flower, with 3 additional rooms for visitors like YOU!!

Finally funds will used to build my cherished dream of a Montessori classroom from nursery to kindergarten, operated “my way,” meaning with less children and more teachers in each class, not the norm in Uganda of 60 to 70 children in each class. The name of this school is yet to be decided by the parish priest and me. My choice would be Good Shepherd Montessori School or Children Our Light School.

We will have to wait until June for the consecration of Our Lady Of Lourdes Chapel as the Bishop has other commitments. Next week the artist will be painting St. Bernadette on the backdrop of the church. I can’t wait to send you the photo of the paintings when it is completed!

We continue to keep all our donors big and small in our daily prayers for you and your family.


Naomi Corera

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