Progress on Peter’s house

By Naomi Corera, January 24, 2015

After verifying Peter’s land title certificate, we were so happy to learn that he was indeed already the legal owner of the property section for his new home. So the process of the construction of the house has begun, and the foundation has been completed. Now we’re waiting for the walls of the house to be constructed. Since Peter and his family are living on the same premises as the new house, the whole family is excitedly watching as their new house takes shape. We are hoping and praying that by the end of January, Peter and his family  will be able to move into their much-awaited new house which now will be a warm home for them. My friends who gave them the funds to build Peter’s house have already entrusted me with 7 new Rosaries to take to Peter and his family. What a blessing it is to be able to provide this to Peter and his family after many years of waiting! And that’s what we’re all about: providing for children and families who are waiting everywhere.


Foundation for Peter’s new house


The lumber outside of Peter’s current house, awaiting construction


The foundation of Peter’s new house, in progress



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