Sajese’s story

By Naomi Corera, January 4, 2017

I met little Sajese in September 2016 in Kasese, Uganda, which borders Congo. She and her family had fled Congo. She caught my eye because as all the other children were dancing and clapping, while little 8 year old Sajese was holding her crutches. After having spoken with her parents, I was told that she had fallen sometime ago and the surgery that was done in Congo was unsuccessful. The bone had not connected, and hence she still needed the crutches. CWE brought her to Katalemwa, a home for children with disabilities. With their help, Sajese was taken to Corsu hospital in Kampala for x-rays and was told a successful surgery could be done. Hooray!

With CWE’s support, she received surgery and now we are waiting for her checkup with the orthopedic surgeon on January 15, and then for the day we have all been waiting for…to throw away her crutches! All things are possible with God!img_20160917_034556




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