Save the date, Sep 29, 2018

By Naomi Corera, August 6, 2018

Hello Friends and Benefactors,

This year unlike the past our Annual Fundraiser has been brought forward to coincide with Blessed Mother Mary’s Birthday month. So “You’ve Got Talent” will be celebrated on Saturday, September 29, 6:00pm. Please mark your busy calendars for this special event.

All proceeds will go to complete the “Our Lady Of Lourdes Chapel” that is moving faster than we expected. Father Robert’s Church, Sts. Peter and Paul, has been completed with the funds collected from the parishioners of St. Thomas. The Christians are so happy with the newly completed church. We even had funds left over so we added a new Sound System for the church. Wow! In just 4 months work completed! Wow!

Thank you dear friends for your continued trust in our 100% Volunteer Foundation. We take great pride in completing the project undertaken with 100% of the funds used directly for the assigned project.

God Bless you all as you continue to enjoy family and outdoors. See you all in September.

Keep thinking of your God given talent (yes, you do have talent)!

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