Schools and Churches closed for 102 days! We are in God’s hands.

By Naomi Corera, August 10, 2021

Until early June, Uganda had been spared the terrible COVID-19 pandemic. However, on June 6th the President of Uganda spoke and CLOSED all schools and churches for 42 days! The Indian variant of the Coronaviris had entered the country! A short while later, he extended the lockdown to another 60 days!

What this has meant for the people of Uganda is no one can work, no businesses, no transportation – only emergency vehicles. No crossing borders, only the driver within the district. The poor once again are suffering, only food can be sold, no other items. The problem is, no one can go to work… no crossing district borders… so they cannot earn a living to buy their food. They eat only what they grow. All are digging for their food.

God alone is our provider and protector… we place our trust in him.


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