Thank you, Spiritus Sanctus Academy Plymouth!

By Naomi Corera, May 29, 2015

It was a lovely event at Spiritus Sanctus Academy last afternoon! The students were so excited to see a volleyball tournament between the teachers and the 8th graders. The students made donations for a dress down day, and all proceeds went to Children Waiting Everywhere. Many of the students were past students of Naomi Corera – even the school’s physical education teacher and athletic director was a kindergarten student of Naomi!

The excitement and the loud cheering of the students was so energizing. I was very touched that these young students are aware of the needs of other children around the globe and give thanks to God for their blessings so they can share with those who have less. It’s moving to see young students giving their support for other students’ education. I am truly grateful to the students and Sister Maria Faustina for this gift of $500 from the school to pay school fees for our students in Uganda.

School fees for Maria Goretti and Judith

The funds from the students will go towards school fees for Maria Goretti and Judith, two high school students in Uganda. Maria Goretti attends Maria Goretti High School in Fort Portal Uganda. Judith attends high School in Kampala in Uganda. Both students are totally dependent on Children Waiting Everywhere for their school fees and will be very grateful to the students for their care and support to them!



Photos from the game


Photo credit: Linas Orentas


Sr. Maria Faustina, Principal of Spiritus Sanctus Academy Plymouth, and Naomi Corera. Photo credit: Linas Orentas


Fr. Nicholas Sseggobe, Chaplain. Photo credit: Linas Orentas


Tommy the Tiger, mascot for the teachers. Photo credit: Linas Orentas


Photo credit: Linas Orentas


Photo credit: Linas Orentas


Photo credit: Linas Orentas

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