Water Supply for 400

By Naomi Corera, August 10, 2021

“Thank you, St. Andrew Parish in Saline, Michigan. Precious water is flowing! The water project is now completed with the help of God and the generous donation from St. Andrew. Come visit!

This is PHASE ONE of a brand new cistern being built with donations from St. Andrew the Apostle Catholic Church in Saline, Michigan. Wow wee!

What you see here is the beginning of a wonderful gift. The men are focusing on their work as you can see…. and if you watch closely, there appears to be a little one looking on… can you see his feet dangling?

This water storage project will provide water to over 400 people and will avoid the need to continuously walk to gather water and carry it back to their home for daily use. What a wonderful gift it will be!

The snapshot below shows how just one mother and child gather their daily water needs. It is both very time consuming and labor-intensive, would you agree?

Of course, as the project progresses, updates will be posted.

May God Bless both the donors and the recipients.

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