Who’s Making Rosaries Now?

Naomi Corera
August 10, 2021

Our Nightwatchman

Naomi Corera
August 10, 2021

Stephen, the Nightwatchman, keeping watch over us – in his new night watchman’s place … as he does his night duty … before this, he did not have a decent place. Now, he is so happy to be indoors as he keeps watch over us during the night. God Bless his new abode.

Our Youth Group keeping busy.

Naomi Corera
August 10, 2021

Schools and Churches closed for 102 days! We are in God’s hands.

Naomi Corera
August 10, 2021

Until early June, Uganda had been spared the terrible COVID-19 pandemic. However, on June 6th the President of Uganda spoke and CLOSED all schools and churches for 42 days! The Indian variant of the Coronaviris had entered the country! A short while later, he extended the lockdown to another 60 days! What this has meant …continue reading »

July 4, 2021 “Thank you!”

Naomi Corera
July 3, 2021

Wishing you all a RED, WHITE AND BLUE and JOYFUL Fourth of July Celebration. So Blessed we are!!! THANK YOU to all my American Friends for all the support you have given to the African child. Your generosity is always remembered in my prayers. Please stay well… vaccinated or not, keep away from crowds. God …continue reading »

Pentecost Sunday

Naomi Corera
May 23, 2021

We celebrated the Feast of Pentecost and the children sang joyously “Come Holy Spirt!”

Welding Class

Naomi Corera
September 13, 2020

Our Welding class has taken on an enormous project – to build a gate for the Mantelatta Sisters Servants of Mary of Sorrows whose Patroness is Our Lady of Sorrows! They have completed the task in time to celebrate Our Lady of Sorrows Feast Day on September 15th!

20 Year Anniversary!

Naomi Corera
September 13, 2020

Children Waiting Everywhere 20 year anniversary banner!!!

St. Joseph Church Renovation

Naomi Corera
September 13, 2020

Our St. Joseph Church is now complete with renovations – just in time for the Year of St. Joseph. A transformation from before all the painting and construction was done:

New Tailoring Shop for Jacqueline!

Naomi Corera
August 24, 2020

Taking the sewing machine to our graduate JACQUELINE..to open her new Tailoring Shop… She is the sole breadwinner for her paralyzed mother and 4 younger siblings.

Keeping Youth Engaged

Naomi Corera
August 24, 2020

Keeping youth engaged in computer classes during lockdown and schools closed. Here the students are playing the role of teachers… to ensure that they have understood the lesson. All laptops from Ann Arbor, Michigan! Thank you!!

Food Distribution to Needy Children and Mothers

Naomi Corera
July 29, 2020

In early July, 2020 the rains came pouring down upon families within the Diocese. Mudslides displaced the families who lived there and became in desperate need of food. After speaking with the Bishop, we organized a relief effort to bring families food to help with the hunger they were facing. Each food bag included maize …continue reading »

Pit Latrine Update

Naomi Corera
July 17, 2020

The pit latrine has become a reality in early May, 2020 for the Good Shepherd Children’s Center thanks to your generous donations to Children Waiting Everywhere.

Bread and Soup 2020 cancelled, but please still support this Lent!

Naomi Corera
March 5, 2020

Update: March 10, 2020 Dear Friends, Greetings to all! I was looking forward to seeing you all again at the Lenten Suppers. The coronavirus epidemic has made me change plans and cancel my trip to the US for the Lenten Suppers . I know it is a good decision.  We depend on the funds from …continue reading »

Our Lady of Lourdes Chapel Consecrated by Bishop! And what’s next for CWE?

Naomi Corera
July 18, 2019

Dear Friends and Benefactors of Children Waiting Everywhere, Oh what a marvelous day it was for the students and the local community. The much awaited chapel to Our Lady of Lourdes was consecrated by Rev. Bishop Odoki, Bishop of Arua Diocese. The excitement and beauty of the whole event was too great to capture on …continue reading »

Note of Thanks

Naomi Corera
April 16, 2019

Dear Friends and Partners, I am back in Adjumani, Uganda, tired after the busy time in Ann Arbor and the long trip back, but your generous gifts and kindness towards the children makes my heart full of joy and energizes me to continue to work and move forward for God’s children and people. THANK YOU!! …continue reading »

Join us this Lent, Mar 29 and Apr 5!

Naomi Corera
February 27, 2019

Dear Friends, Here we are fast approaching the season of LENT. This is a great way to help the children fulfill the Lenten obligation of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving. Please invite your family and friends to join us for a True Lenten Supper with vegetable Soup and the famous Chavey Breadsticks! All proceeds will go …continue reading »

2019 Updates & Lenten Suppers (Mar 29 & Apr 5)

Naomi Corera
February 26, 2019

Greetings to all, Hope you are warming up after the cold blast of this past month! We are beginning to change and look forward to cooler weather. 2019 has kept me so busy as progress with the many projects for our students and families. Workers are so slow here they have a hard time keeping …continue reading »

Water flowing!

Naomi Corera
February 17, 2019

Our “Maryland” in Uganda has water! The newly renovated water pump for the community at Maryland Adjumani Uganda is working. A pump was installed for the sisters. We thank God for the generosity of the kind friends if Children Waiting Everywhere. The water pump was not a source for drinking water as the pipes were …continue reading »

Thanksgiving Adopt a Classroom and Teacher

Naomi Corera
November 6, 2018

Hello friends, thinking of you as you get ready to be with family and friends. I would like to take this time to thank you and the generous good Lord who through you has provided so much for our families and children. Yes! Your help to us has been a bountiful harvest. We are so, …continue reading »

THANK YOU for your prayers, talents, and support! Much work to do!

Naomi Corera
October 6, 2018

Dear Friends, It has been a wonderful time in Ann Arbor to get to see you all and share about the good work you are enabling with our brothers and sisters in Uganda. I am especially grateful to everyone who joined us last week for the fundraising dinner with talent show! Your generosity is enabling …continue reading »

Vacation Bible school

Naomi Corera
August 31, 2018

The children are on holiday, so today we are doing a vacation Bible school. They especially like the cooking activities! Naomi Getting ready for vacation Bible school cooking day by collecting firewood for cooking. Here is Olivia grating carrot. Adding new words to their limited vocabulary. Teaching children to use a knife and cutting board. …continue reading »


Naomi Corera
August 13, 2018

Children and books: you cannot separate the two. A book in a child’s hands not only advances the mind with curiosity, but unleashes a world of treasures to a young child. Being a lover of children’s books and having seen the joy it brings to a child when a story is read to them, I …continue reading »

Save the date, Sep 29, 2018

Naomi Corera
August 6, 2018

Hello Friends and Benefactors, This year unlike the past our Annual Fundraiser has been brought forward to coincide with Blessed Mother Mary’s Birthday month. So “You’ve Got Talent” will be celebrated on Saturday, September 29, 6:00pm. Please mark your busy calendars for this special event. All proceeds will go to complete the “Our Lady Of …continue reading »

Breaking ground for new classroom

Naomi Corera
August 2, 2018

We are breaking ground for new classroom for the 7th graders of Bishop Asili Primary School in Adjumani District, Uganda!

New Sound System for Sts. Peter and Paul church

Naomi Corera
August 2, 2018

Greetings! Here are photos of the sound system, the last installation from the funds used for the church from the gift of St. Thomas. We are ever so grateful to all who supported it! In just 4 months we moved fast to have the Tabernacle installed, the sanctuary paintings completed (Sacred Heart of Mary and …continue reading »

Chapel of Sts. Peter and Paul complete!

Naomi Corera
July 16, 2018

Thanks to the generous gifts from St. Thomas parish, the church of Sts Peter and Paul is complete! Only the front porch on the outside needs to be finalized. Needless to say the parishioners are so thrilled. With some funds left over Fr. Robert is putting in an efficient sound system. Still if funds are …continue reading »

Our Lady Of Lourdes Chapel and several other updates

Naomi Corera
May 30, 2018

Hello Friends and Partners in Mission, Greetings! Thank you for your kind gifts to make our work with the children possible. Wonderful memories as my Kindergarten students of 2005 from SHEPHERD MONTESSORI have all graduated from HS! Congratulations to them and wishing them God’s Grace as they journey on… Exciting happenings in CWE We began …continue reading »

Greetings from Ann Arbor

Naomi Corera
March 6, 2018

Hello Friends, I am in AA for Mom’s first year anniversary and to bring Fr. Robert to Ann Arbor for a Mission Appeal. Just imagine my luxurious, warm shower this morning at my friend’s house. I felt guilty taking that long bath feeling so good with that water gushing down my back. The Blessings of …continue reading »

Visiting with Grace today

Naomi Corera
March 1, 2018

I am visiting with Grace today. She is practicing and adjusting to her new legs.

Meet with Fr. Robert on March 17!

Naomi Corera
February 14, 2018

Hello Friends, wishing you all a Holy Lenten Season. Here’s a great opportunity to fulfill our Lenten obligation of almsgiving. Come meet Fr. Robert on March 17 and “Go Green!” with a touch of Ireland. See you in March. Lenten Mission Appeal Saturday March 17, 2018 5:30p (after the 4:30p Mass) St. Thomas Parish Hall, …continue reading »

Determined Grace

Naomi Corera
January 22, 2018

Here is a photo of Grace practicing with her new prosthetic legs. Wow! Praise God for His mighty power!

Dining hall, hooray!

Naomi Corera
January 8, 2018

Dear CWE Friends, Together we have done it! We praise and thank God! God bless you all with a fruitful New Year. Naomi

Happy Happy THANKS

Naomi Corera
November 17, 2017

Hello dear friends and co-partners, Children Waiting Everywhere and I send you wishes for a Happy Happy Thanksgiving as you gather around the table with family and friends to GIVE THANKS TO GOD! We take this opportunity to GIVE YOU THANKS, TOO! Looking forward to seeing you all in December. God Bless you for your …continue reading »

New Tabernacle for Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Fort Portal

Naomi Corera
November 17, 2017

Thank you to our generous donor who has visited Uganda with me before and who recently gifted the funds for this beautiful tabernacle for Sts. Peter and Paul Church in Fort Portal!

Back in December! “Come and see” the fruits of your gifts to our children

Naomi Corera
November 13, 2017

Dear friends, As you count your blessings, we thank you for sharing your blessings with us during this year. Come and see the fruits of your gifts to our children. Saturday, December 9, 5:30-7:30p, in the St. Thomas Parish Hall, followed by a Ugandan supper.

Hooray! Bandages gone!

Naomi Corera
October 6, 2017

Praise God! Grace is ready for her New Legs! Yes, we have a Great and Wonderful God! It will take a lot of hard work for her to practice walking with her new legs. But with her determination and Joy she will succeed! Will keep you updated as she begins her journey of walking for …continue reading »

Smiling Grace

Naomi Corera
September 28, 2017

Dear Friends, Always thanks to you, Grace will be able to walk soo after 9 years of getting around on her knees. God Bless you all. My computer and internet is in full operation now. Naomi

First communion

Naomi Corera
September 26, 2017

Dear friends, Greetings! An update of recent happenings here in Uganda. From the western part of beautiful, cool Fort Portal, I have moved to the hot north of Arua Diocese in Adjumani District. This area of full of camps and settlements of refugees from South Sudan. This is where the Bishop had requested a nursery …continue reading »

Ester, the proud owner of a sewing shop

Naomi Corera
September 7, 2017

Thanks to the love and effort of Sarah Stachak, Esther the tailor is now the proud owner of the sewing stall. Here is Esther receiving the title of the shop from the seller (wearing white cap). Esther now has great plans with her newly owned shop. She would like to give back to the community …continue reading »

Ribbon cutting for new Holy Family School in Arua Diocese, Uganda

Naomi Corera
September 5, 2017

Here are photos from the ribbon cutting at the new Holy Family School in the Arua Diocese of Uganda, made possible by your support to Children Waiting Everywhere. Thank you!

Solar-powered lights for Dorothy’s dormitory

Naomi Corera
August 14, 2017

Let there be light for the children! Thanks to friends we are now adding lighting through solar power for Mama Dorothy’s Dormitory.

Video of Jonathan, Sajese, and refugee children

Naomi Corera
August 12, 2017

Hello, friends! I’m happy that I was recently able to visit with Jonathan, Sajese, and a large group of refugee children from South Sudan. Here is a video of them!

Thanks for your prayers

Naomi Corera
July 25, 2017

Dear Friends, All went well with the first group of children. All will receive the necessary physical therapy and assistive devices (such as crutches), with the exception of Grace, who has been walking on her knees her whole life. She will have her surgery on August 13. After the healing from surgery, she will receive …continue reading »

Children Waiting in Uganda with physical disabilities

Naomi Corera
July 19, 2017

Last week as I visited St. Theresa’s Primary School, I was so saddened to see 12 children with physical disabilities in the various classrooms. Although their conditions would have been treated at a younger age in wealthy countries, their poverty has kept them from getting the necessary and proper care. So I spoke with the …continue reading »

God bless America!

Naomi Corera
June 29, 2017

GOD BLESS AMERICA! GOD BLESS THE GENEROUS AMERICANS! Dear Friends, Thinking of you and thanking you for all your help for the children and people of Uganda through CWE. “Proud To Belong to America” is what one can shout when one sees the work done by Americans. I am so happy to experience the HOPE …continue reading »

A Visit with Jonathan

Naomi Corera
June 19, 2017

Friends, I was so happy to see Jonathan! He is recovered completely and living a joyful life. Here are photos of our dear friend!

Sajese is walking!

Naomi Corera
June 19, 2017

Friends, I was so happy to see Sajase and her mother. She is walking, thanks be to God!

Dare to Dream Benefit Concert, July 29!

Naomi Corera
June 16, 2017

David Harburg is daring to dream by performing in a concert to raise $11,000 in order to restore a vocational school in Kyakatara, Uganda. July 29, 7:30p, at Towsley Auditorium on WCC’s campus. GREAT-GRANDSON OF “OVER THE RAINBOW” WRITER PERFORMING TO RAISE MONEY FOR UGANDA David is scheduled to perform with an engaging group of …continue reading »

More Refugees Flocking to Uganda

Naomi Corera
June 14, 2017

Refugee camps are filling with more refugees flocking to Uganda from Republic of Congo, where atrocities are being committed on mothers and children. Congloese families are waiting in line to be registered by the UN officials. One of the mothers told me, “Our Catholic Faith is what sustains us.” Naomi

Holy Family school nearing completion

Naomi Corera
June 8, 2017

Dear friends, Greetings! Holy Family School nearing completion! The construction work is going on well. The roofing is done and plastering of the walls is on going. Here are some of the pictures. The grand opening will be in July. Anyone interested in coming? God Bless you all.

Francis, seminarian student

Naomi Corera
June 2, 2017

Francis is an 18 year old student at St John’s Minor seminary in the Kasese Diocese. Here in Uganda those interested in considering priesthood attend a minor seminary to finish high school. David Harburg and his family, together with Fr. Nate Harburg, are sponsoring Francis. Without their support, Francis would not be able to attend …continue reading »

Mum Dorothy’s Dormitory

Naomi Corera
May 31, 2017

Hello Friends, I just visited the children of Bishop Asili school. The children are very happy with their new beds and the Sisters of Mary Mother of the Church are most grateful. My mother will be happy to see MOM spelled in the British spelling, MUM, as she learned her spellings the British way. Each …continue reading »

Holy Family School under construction

Naomi Corera
May 29, 2017

Hello friends, I finally found some internet sitting on top of a hill. Here I am in Arua Diocese, sending you pictures of the Holy Family School in the Nyamanzi Settlement. The school should be finished by mid July. I’m so glad to have the many friends of the US, mainly from the Lansing Diocese, …continue reading »

Bunks delivered for Dorothy’s Dormitory

Naomi Corera
May 8, 2017

It’s Mothers’ Day, hooray! The beds have arrived for the children, and they eagerly watched the truck (“lorrie”) pull up with their bunk beds. My mother Dorothy would be so glad to see the children snuggled into their new beds, way above the ground. We thank the many donors who made this possible for the …continue reading »

Dorothy’s Dormitory

Naomi Corera
April 20, 2017

Hooray! Hooray, for Dorothy’s dormitory! In three weeks, Mom has her dormitory for the children. For Mother’s Day, the children will be sleeping soundly in their new bunk beds. Thanks for supporting them in my mother’s memory.

Books for Dorothy’s Library headed for Uganda

Naomi Corera
April 19, 2017

Children Waiting Everywhere and the many volunteers helping to pack the boxes and load them onto the truck to have them shipped off to Uganda. Dorothy’s Library will be built and operated for the Primary School children in Kamwenge District in Uganda. The setup will take many months, so we will update you as we …continue reading »

Sajese walking!

Naomi Corera
March 14, 2017

Hello Dear Friends, By the grace of God I witnessed the true power of God’s healing touch. Sajese has another visit with the surgeon next month. In the meantime she has been advised to walk only short distances giving the bone more time to heal. Thanks for all your prayers for this Congolese refugee. Naomi

Great news for our refugee brothers and sisters: Holy Family Nursery School!

Naomi Corera
March 8, 2017

Dear Friends I just returned from Ajumani, Uganda, and oh how great it is to be Catholic! The people of the Catholic church, both clergy and lay people, are doing great work for God’s people, especially the refugees in Uganda. They are mostly mothers, children, and the elderly. Many men remain behind to fight or …continue reading »

Off to Uganda to meet the refugees!

Naomi Corera
February 21, 2017

Dear Friends, Greetings! My bags are packed with the rosaries and balloons for the children. All set to go tomorrow for Uganda to visit the Ajumani Settlement. My main purpose in going is not just to meet the dear children but also to know where and how your generous gifts will be spent. CWE is …continue reading »

David Jebb doing great work

Naomi Corera
February 20, 2017

David Jebb continues to share his knowledge and passion of bees and honey and making bee hives with the students of John/Patrick School and the Brothers of St. Joseph The Worker and other local people of Fort Portal, Uganda.

David Jebb has arrived!

Naomi Corera
February 17, 2017

David Jeb of Saline, Michigan, has arrived in Uganda to share his expertise on bees and honey! He is working with the Brothers of St. Joseph The Worker and other local people and students of Fort Portal.

Visiting the refugee children this month

Naomi Corera
February 8, 2017

Here are the children of the Nyumanzi settlement of the Arua Diocese. They have graduated from the camps into the settlements. The older children attend the parish Primary school. The “Little Ones” are excitedly waiting for Children Waiting Everywhere with the help of generous benefactors to build the Nursery school. I will be leaving the …continue reading »

You’re invited! Lenten Bread & Soup Supper with St. Patrick’s Day Entertainment

Naomi Corera
February 3, 2017

What do you usually spend for a Friday night dinner? Give it to the children! Your family is invited to a Lenten Bread & Soup Supper with St. Patrick’s Day Entertainment, with bagpipes, on Friday, March 17, at 5:00p, at the Saint Thomas the Apostle Parish Hall, followed by Stations of the Cross at 7:00p …continue reading »

Bon voyage to David Jeb

Naomi Corera
January 25, 2017

Here is David Jeb of Saline, Michigan, getting excited for his trip to Uganda on the 13th of February. He is supporting and continuing our idea, to eradicate poverty by empowering people with business income generated by their own hands and efforts. He will be sharing his passion and knowledge of honey bees with the …continue reading »

Healing Continues For Sajese

Naomi Corera
January 24, 2017

Sajese is doing well! She can walk without crutches and uses jut one crutch for long distances! After yesterday’s review the doctor advised to apply another cast for a month to allow more ambulation and bone growth.

Bidi Bidi refugee camp

Naomi Corera
January 23, 2017

Hello Friends. I just received some pictures from Fr. Francis, a Divine Word priest who accompanied the children from S. Sudan. The “Little Refugees” are so happy to have Father with them to help them assimilate into the Ugandan-English speaking culture. He said it is very hot and dusty, no place to even sit to …continue reading »

The Christmas Miracle Goes On…

Naomi Corera
January 18, 2017

As I was leaving church after the morning Mass, the gentleman behind stopped me and asked, “Have you reached your goal for the Nursery School in the refugee camp?” When I said, “Not yet,” he asked me, “How much are you short?” I replied, “$5,000”. He then closed his eyes for a moment then quietly …continue reading »

“Little Refugees”: goal for 2017, build school for refugees

Naomi Corera
January 11, 2017

You’ve probably read stories like this about the enormous influx of refugees to Uganda in 2016: “Three months ago, it was a tiny Ugandan village. Now it’s the world’s fourth-largest refugee camp.” Our dear friends in Uganda feel the pain of their brothers and sisters who have migrated into Uganda to escape violence in Chad …continue reading »

The latest news on 7 year old Sajese

Naomi Corera
January 9, 2017

Sajese just had her review with the surgeon. The external fixator was removed, and a walking cast was applied to enable her to put more weight on her leg for better healing. The cast will be removed in two weeks and she’ll receive a splint for mild support. We are praying for a complete recovery …continue reading »

Sajese’s story

Naomi Corera
January 4, 2017

I met little Sajese in September 2016 in Kasese, Uganda, which borders Congo. She and her family had fled Congo. She caught my eye because as all the other children were dancing and clapping, while little 8 year old Sajese was holding her crutches. After having spoken with her parents, I was told that she …continue reading »

A Christmas miracle!

Naomi Corera
December 22, 2016

Dear Friends, I want to share with you our Christmas Miracle. The Bishop of Arua, Uganda, urgently made an appeal if CWE could help to build a classroom for the children of the refugees coming from Congo and South Sudan to his diocese. He said the refugees numbered around 500,000, most of them children. So …continue reading »

Esther recovering well

Naomi Corera
December 19, 2016

Hello Friends. I’m so glad to report that Esther is recovering well, under the care of the kind orthopedic surgeon and the sisters. The timeline for throwing away the crutches is February. Praise God! She is looking forward to spending Christmas day with her family. God Bless you all for helping Esther and her family.

Local student raises awareness and funds

Naomi Corera
December 10, 2016

Nate Ernst, a middle school student at Emerson, was deeply touched by the pictures and stories he heard after having hosted little Jonathan in his home. He wanted to do more for the children of Uganda. After receiving permission from the school, Nate held a sale of handmade Ugandan crafts to help children like him …continue reading »

Thank you from the Three Amigos

Naomi Corera
December 5, 2016

Yesterday we hosted an evening of gratitude for the three young men from St. Thomas who volunteered in Uganda to build a renovated classroom at Bishop Magambo Primary School. Here is the presentation they gave. Thank you, Joe, Joseph, and David! [gview file=”http://childrenwaitingeverywhere.org/wp-content/uploads/3amigos.pdf”]

Celebrate Advent and hear reflections from the “three faces who changed places”

Naomi Corera
November 5, 2016

You are invited to come hear the experiences of three young men who answered the call and visited our dear friends in Uganda, at St. Thomas Parish Hall on Sunday, Dec 4, 4-6p (time changed!). They raised funds for a new school building, and visited to help finish the construction. There will be a Filipino …continue reading »

Classroom in Uganda now complete!

Naomi Corera
October 15, 2016

We are happy to share the good news that the classroom building and renovations for Bishop Magambo Primary School in Uganda are now complete! Again, we are so grateful to three young men from the Ann Arbor area, Joe, Joseph, and David, for their fundraising efforts and hard work on the project in Uganda.

Thank you to supporters for concert for Uganda!

David Harburg
September 3, 2016

A concert was put on by David Harburg playing his great-grandfather’s music, such as “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” and others, to raise money to help build a schoolroom in Uganda.  The goal was to raise a thousands dollars and after over 100 people showed up, the concert benefit raised over $2,000 with money still coming …continue reading »

New classroom is almost complete!

Naomi Corera
August 24, 2016

Thanks to the fundraising efforts (including a concert!) by three local young men, David Harburg, Joe Shelcusky, and Joe Stolarski, we are happy that renovations are nearly finished on a formerly dilapidated classroom at Bishop Magambo Primary School in Uganda. Joe, Joseph, and David will visit Uganda with CWE, leaving on September 8, to see …continue reading »

Concert for Uganda – Featuring Local Artist David Harburg

Naomi Corera
July 25, 2016

Hello all! Come join us August 27th, 2016 at 7:30pm for a fundraising concert starring David Harburg and friends! All proceeds go to build a classroom and paint the Bishop Magambo Primary School in Uganda. See details in the link below! http://www.davidharburg.com/

UMHS and Jonathan win EMMY

Naomi Corera
June 21, 2016

We are so happy to announce that the YouTube documentary on Jonathan was first nominated for 3 EMMY awards and now it has won the Michigan EMMY award! If you missed it, you can watch the video here. The University of Michigan Health System and our dear Jonathan were selected the winners of the health …continue reading »

Wonderful updates from Africa!

Naomi Corera
April 30, 2016

Dear Friends, Greetings to all! I have just returned from Kenya and Uganda after having visited our many projects. The reason for my visit is to bring accountability and report to you. Lenten Bread/Soup Suppers enabled us to buy a cow for Anne and her family. “Blessing,” as they have named the cow, was happy …continue reading »

Magda, CWE-supported student, on scholarship in Finland!

Naomi Corera
March 31, 2016

Magda is having fun in the snow, trying out her abilities in skiing, challenging herself academically, and enjoying the company of her wonderful Finnish host family. Keep making us proud, Magda!

Thank you from Ann to Bread and Soup supporters!

Naomi Corera
March 18, 2016

Ann and her family waited almost a year to get their cow, and now they are so happy to be able to receive their cow! It has been visited and inspected with the government vet and cleared for their home’s farm. Thank you to our many donors who attended our first two Lenten Bread and …continue reading »

Marie in Uganda visiting CWE projects

Naomi Corera
March 1, 2016

Marie, one of our generous donors, is currently visiting Uganda to see the CWE’s recent projects, including the sewing entrepreneurship project. Here she is greeted by the students of Holy Spirit primary school in Kyakatara, Uganda, which is supported by CWE, and in the church of St. Peter, where the tabernacle and the pews were …continue reading »

Sewing machines for families in Uganda, and egg-laying chickens for families and Sisters in Kenya!

Naomi Corera
February 15, 2016

We are very happy to share two updates from the Sisters in Fort Portal, Uganda, and Ruai, Kenya. Thanks to extra Christmas generosity from people like you, we were able to give two sewing machines with tables, plus fabric and tools, to the community in Fort Portal, Uganda. There are classes now to teach people, …continue reading »

“Jonathan’s Story” featured on U-M Health System’s YouTube

Naomi Corera
December 7, 2015

“It all started with a balloon….” University of Michigan Health System has produced a series of four videos about our dear friend Jonathan, who recently traveled from Uganda to Ann Arbor for a life-changing surgery that would not have been possible without the generosity and skill of the incredible physicians at UMHS. We are so grateful for …continue reading »

This Christmas, Give to Change Lives

Naomi Corera
November 30, 2015

As we prepare for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and the re-acceptance of Jesus into our hearts as the center of our lives, we have opportunities to be self-giving for our neighbors at home and abroad. This Christmas, consider giving towards or asking for specific ways to help the children who are …continue reading »

2000 to 2015

Naomi Corera
November 24, 2015

This year marks our anniversary of 15 years. This is our very first project in Mitiyana, Uganda, that I visited last week. The picture is of the name of their congregation, Our Lady of The Repatrix. The statue is of St. Noa, one of the 21 Ugandan Martyrs. The Pope is celebrating 50 years of …continue reading »

Jonathan home

Naomi Corera
November 23, 2015

I was so happy to get to travel back to Uganda with Jonathan, his mother, and Sister Josephine. Everyone was so happy to see Jonathan. Thank you everyone for all of your prayers and support for helping Jonathan!

Thank you over and over again

Naomi Corera
November 12, 2015

The first picture is not too clear, but Jonathan thanked Dr. Marci Lesperance and her husband today at an appreciation tea party at Mott Hospital. It was because of Dr. Leasperance’s love and care as a mother that she accepted Jonathan’s case and submitted the application to Mott Hospital. We are so grateful to her …continue reading »

Jonathan’s last visit to Mott before returning home

Naomi Corera
November 11, 2015

Today Jonathan made one last visit to Mott Children’s Hospital. He exchanged phone numbers with the physician and gave one last hug of gratefulness for giving him hope and a new life. Jonathan, his mother, and Sister Josephine return to Uganda on Saturday. We have been so blessed by Jonathan, his joy, and the generosity …continue reading »

Sister Rose sends greetings and gratitude from her parents

Naomi Corera
November 11, 2015

Sister Rose in Uganda asked me if CWE would provide goats for her aged parents to be able to milk and have a bit of income in their old age. CWE provided them with two goats in February 2015. Just this month, Sister Rose reported that the two goats have given birth to two more …continue reading »

Jonathan returning home after successful surgery and recovery!

Naomi Corera
November 6, 2015

    Jonathan has enjoyed a tremendous stay at the Mott Children’s Hospital at UMHS. He is returning home now after the successful life-changing surgery to remove the huge tumor from his neck. Thank you all so much for your prayers and support for Jonathan!   If you recall, this is the spot where we …continue reading »

Jonathan continues to recover very well!

Naomi Corera
November 2, 2015

Jonathan is enjoying his time at UMHS and he is recovering well. Thank you all for your continued prayers!  

Peaceful recovery for Jonathan

Naomi Corera
October 31, 2015

Jonathan has been receiving the best of care at UMHS while he recovers from Thursday’s surgery to remove the tumor. Thanks be to God and to all of the wonderful people who are helping Jonathan!  

Fundraising for van for Sisters at Jonathan’s home

Naomi Corera
October 24, 2015

The Cheshire Home for Children with Disabilities, in Kampala, Uganda, is where I met our friend Jonathan, who is now in Michigan for surgery to remove the tumor on his neck. The Home for Children with Disabilities is run by the Good Samaritan Sisters. Earlier this year, I learned from the Good Samaritan Sisters that …continue reading »

Jonathan’s biopsy went well

Naomi Corera
October 22, 2015

Hello, dear friends! Our friend Jonathan has been receiving world-class care at UMHS, and we have great news to share. His biopsy went well and the the surgery for possible removal of the growth sometime next week! Please continue to keep him in your prayers. God Bless you all for your prayers.He never Fails us! …continue reading »

Jonathan’s first visit to UMHS

Naomi Corera
October 13, 2015

Today Jonathan visited the wonderful doctors at University of Michigan Hospital. Here are photos!

Jonathan has arrived!

Naomi Corera
October 12, 2015

On Thursday, October 8, Jonathan arrived from Uganda with his mother and Sister Josephina. He is such a joyful child and he is thrilled to be in America to have the tumor on his neck removed. If you haven’t been following our posts about Jonathan, you can read more about him at these posts: September …continue reading »

Anticipating Jonathan’s surgery on October 21!

Naomi Corera
September 29, 2015

I first met three year old Jonathan while handing out balloons at the Children’s Home (for children with disabilities) run by the Good Samaritan Sisters in Kampala, Uganda. The large tumor draped around his neck caught my eye and so I inquired from Sr. Josephine about Jonathan. She told me that they had just been …continue reading »

Official letter received for Jonathan

Naomi Corera
August 24, 2015

Hooray! This afternoon at 12:35 to be exact we received the much-sought-after letter of approval form the U of M! I learned that there were so many applicants and it was narrowed down to 4! Then came the difficult task of choosing just one! Once again the power of prayer and the intercession of Mother …continue reading »

Jonathan approved for surgery at U-M

Naomi Corera
August 22, 2015

Hooray, we have been approved! Thanks to prayers from Our Blessed Mother Mary, 3 year old Jonathan of Uganda has been approved for surgery to remove a debilitating tumor, at U-M Hospital in October 2015.

Thank you, Spiritus Sanctus Academy Plymouth!

Naomi Corera
May 29, 2015

It was a lovely event at Spiritus Sanctus Academy last afternoon! The students were so excited to see a volleyball tournament between the teachers and the 8th graders. The students made donations for a dress down day, and all proceeds went to Children Waiting Everywhere. Many of the students were past students of Naomi Corera – even …continue reading »

Photos and Videos from 2015 Bread and Soup

Naomi Corera
March 2, 2015

Dear friends, this Lent while we are living simply so that others may simply live, I am excited to share about all that your kindness has been able to accomplish in the past year, as well as the vision for CWE looking ahead in 2015 and beyond. We have three more Bread and Soup suppers …continue reading »

“Thank you for your generosity!”

Naomi Corera
February 26, 2015

Three friends of CWE – two in Ruai, Kenya, and one in Mukono, Uganda – took the chance to tell their friends from CWE thank you for what has been given to them. This 3 minute video was taken during my trip Feb 7-22 in both Kenya and Uganda. Please watch to hear what our …continue reading »

Empowering Our Brothers and Sisters

Naomi Corera
February 24, 2015

Since the first visit in 2000, Children Waiting Everywhere has been fortunate to be able to empower children, students, women, religious sisters, single mothers, and families. Here are just a handful of the most recent stories of empowerment that have been through the supporters of CWE.

February 2015 visit to Kenya and Uganda

Naomi Corera
February 22, 2015

Dear friends, I go. I see. I experience the pain. And now I come back to express to you what I saw, what I experienced, and what was gained by your generosity to improve the life of these people each day. I was very excited to leave on February 7, 2015, to see our new …continue reading »

Goals for upcoming Africa visit

Naomi Corera
February 3, 2015

Next week on the first Saturday of the month, I will be traveling to Kenya and Uganda. I am once again going for accountability for all the generous gifts that I received during the Christmas season. First I will stop in Ruai, Kenya, to see first hand the advancement of Peter’s new house. How exciting …continue reading »

Convent heated water accomplished

Naomi Corera
January 15, 2015

After years of having to walk down to the stream to “fetch water,” the Sisters are just elated to now only have to flip a switch, not only to get water but to get hot, running water! They are so thankful that they called the donors directly on the telephone and sang and drummed for …continue reading »

Hooray…water at the convent!

Naomi Corera
December 16, 2014

Wow, was I so thankful to the Lord! Just a few days after we put up the pictures on this website, one of my good friends called me and said, “Naomi, I would be glad to get plumbing for the Sisters and give the check for $5,000.” So now the six Sisters in the order – St. …continue reading »

My recent trip to Uganda and Kenya

Naomi Corera
November 21, 2014

I had the grace to visit our brothers and sisters in Kenya and Uganda for five days to check on our current projects and visit with our partners at the schools and convents. I flew into Nairobi, Kenya, late on the evening of October 26, and went to see our friends in Ruai. After Kenya, …continue reading »

Water Is Flowing!

Naomi Corera
September 7, 2014

After much anticipation, our long wait for water is over. My dream of providing water to our students was fulfilled in September. Thanks to all our friends who attended our CWE Bread  and Soup Lenten suppers to make  this possible. With great delight the students and the local people all cheered as they saw the water gushing …continue reading »

Upcoming visits

Naomi Corera
September 4, 2014

Uganda In  November 2014  I hope to visit Uganda to see our new bore-hole well and computer lab in our John/Patrick secondary school. Kamwenge district has just received electricity, so we were happy to provide our high school students with this lab. Kenya I hope to go to Kenya after the trip to Uganda to …continue reading »

Maria Goretti

Naomi Corera
September 4, 2014

I first met Maria Goretti in 2007, while walking down the village, making friends an chatting with the children. She was picking some corn that she had grown. She invited me into her dark mud hut with some plastic sheets to keep out the rain. She showed me the tree branches on which she had …continue reading »